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Adult Youtube Toy Video

New year new pod topics! We’re diving in today with some real and faux talk about Space, our New Year’s Resolution wrap-up (some of us have more serious goals than others) and our topic of the day: birth order! Are you a Type-A oldest child? Stuck in the middle somewhere? The one-who-gets-it-all youngest? Or everyone’s favorite case study: the only child? Tune in and let us know where you fall on the continuum. And keep listening for hot takes on the best thing to do with your kids on NYE and which toys are the best for bribing your children into good behavior.

Things we talked about this episode:

Where can I find more info on the New Horizons spacecraft? We referenced this article in particular but there are many out there. Get to googlin’ and dive into the plethora of articles about the Pluto mission while you’re at it.

Caroline talked about some amazing sounding waffles. Where can I find the recipe? Right on over here.

Where can I find the information about birth order that you guys talked about? Caroline recommended this book, and you can find other links here and here.

And the game Hannah was referring to is not Heads Up, it’s actually called The Truth Comes Out. Thanks for gaslighting the audience, Caroline.

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