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Control is an illusion, with Jen Eddins

We love celebrating women. Was that not clear? This week, we’re chatting with Jen Eddins from Peanut Butter Runner about a host of issues, including women’s health and what to do when life doesn’t turn out like you had planned. We love the insight she brings to the table, and she may hold the record for the best “it sounded like a good idea at the time” segment on our show thus far.

You can find Jen on Instagram @jen_pbrunner, or on her website: peanutbutterrunner.com

What was that article Caroline was talking about? Something about “busy” being the same thing as “lazy”?
You can find the full article here. We like talking about the balance between pursuing your goals and being busy just for the sake of the hustle, so this is always a hot topic for the Good Idea crowd.

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