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Spiderman is a street-level hero, Superman is a planet-level hero.

It’s still the month of love, and we’re talking about some of our (many) lady loves! The women out there in the world doing the good work. Whether they’re fighting for social justice, crushing it as matriarchs of a political dynasty, or making us cry every time they speak (looking at you Queen Michelle.)

We’re also breaking down the Grammy’s, and you may hear talk of some little known names like Jennifer Aniston, Dina Lohan, and Kris Jenner.

Stay tuned for our Good Ideas du jour where you’ll find out why you should never encourage creativity in children, nor should you ever volunteer to catsit for Hannah.

Where can we sign up for free books from Dolly Parton? That would be the Dolly Parton Imagination Library! Our kids are beneficiaries of this beautiful thing she’s doing for the world and we totally recommend it.

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