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I need to be contact-able.

We’re getting real honest today about our weight and our looks and how that ties into our happiness, and THEN we really get into the topic of the day!

How do you feel about your usage of social media? We discovered that our feelings have changed somewhat since we first recorded an episode about this (if you haven’t listened yet, you can find our episode called “You will not earn me” here) and we wanted to check back in after some experiments we did last week. Let us know if you feel like either one of us. Are you all in? Are you off of social media completely? (If you’re off, send us an email at agoodideapod@gmail.com and tell us why! We’d love to hear from you! If you ARE all in, DM us on IG @agoodideapod and tell us why about that as well!)

We have some love for a lot of people on IG in this ep, and here’s a list:
@pluffmuds is our good friend slash YMCA contact Megan. She makes great stuff!
@_malika_yasmin_ has *many* beautiful posts, but especially check out her photos taken 40 days postpartum. They’re so stunning and thought provoking.
@butnotallatonce is where Anne talks about No Weigh 19. Are you in?

You can check out our website over here to see previous episodes! To see some more from us, check out Caroline’s website here and Hannah’s here!

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