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If you want to get your panties in a bunch, start there.

If you didn’t watch the Oscar’s, don’t worry because we’re breaking it down today. Check out these performances by Janelle Monae and Idina Menzel that we have been obsessing over.

We also can’t get over this ad for postpartum care by Frida. Do better, ABC!

Note: we read further and we now understand that supposedly any feminine hygiene commercial wouldn’t be allowed to air during the Oscar’s. It does not change our overall opinion that the policy is crap.

Also: when we recorded this episode, Andrew Yang had not yet dropped out of the presidential race. Since then, he has dropped out and said he would consider a cabinet position with another candidate. Feel free to start coming to us for the hard-hitting news BEFORE it happens.

Caroline took this quiz to find out that she’s Bloomberg’s #1 fan, and Hannah is constantly pushing this site on everyone so we can all find out who we should be voting for. Get to quizzing!

One thing we love to do is revisit a topic that we feel like deserves more attention, and that’s what we’re doing this week. Last week we discussed the Super Bowl halftime show, and this week we’re asking ourselves what the difference is between that performance and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. As always, we have a lot of thoughts.

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