That sounds very Christopher Columbus

If you’re anything like us, you scroll news reports reading only the headlines and spend copious amounts of time digesting the latest happenings of the entertainment world. And *maybe* you have the occasional conversation about how to raise moderately good human beings.

We’re talking today about how to raise inclusive kids, and we’re adding your advice to the convo! Some things we do and some things we need to start doing are all on the table, and we’re also touching on how we as adults can model behavior for these little people (both in good and bad ways.)

But first, the Emmy’s, do shows stand the test of time, and a little talk about poverty and homelessness to whet our appetites for a discussion about raising inclusive kids! Naturally.

Looking for links on some of the things we discussed today?

Raising an Inclusive Child from Bright Horizons

The Heart of a Boy and Strong is the New Pretty by Kate Parker. Grab these for your kids’ bookshelves asap!

All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold

$1000 a month, no strings attached from The Washington Post

Here Wee Read (Hannah’s fave bookstagrammer!)

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