We’re mostly fine now

Today is the venting session you didn’t ask for, because we struggle with things and think it’s a good idea to discuss them. Sometimes in these discussions a solution is reached, and sometimes you don’t find an answer but you feel seen. We hope you feel seen a little bit or feel ready to open up to someone about what you’re going through, whether it’s big or small.

But before that, we talked about some pretty important topics. First of all, the 9th Congressional district of North Carolina has a special election coming up on September 10th! If you live in that district, check out where you can vote and make plans to be there. If you’re unsure of who to vote for, hit up our fave site I Side With to figure out what the candidates stand for and who you want to represent our district in Congress.

We also talked about Popular Information, “a newsletter about politics for people who give a damn.” As a subscriber to this newsletter, I (Hannah) totally recommend it.

“A common trait among mass killers: hatred of women” is the article that we really hope you read, and it brings light to the data that we have from our plethora of history with mass killers in the United States.

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