The Internet is Everyone’s District

This week, we have a plethora of good reads by women authors before we talk with some more transparency about finances and where we find it necessary to splurge, but it doesn’t feel like a splurge. We’re talking B-level priorities that make it into our monthly budgets. One of us splurges on being healthy, and one splurges on take-out. You can probably guess which is which.

We also talk about Joy for Charlotte, a Kindness Movement that April and Christina, good friends of the pod, (@carolinacharm and @smidgeofthis) are kicking off to spread joy around the world. The message is one that we wholly believe in, and we hope you’ll check this out and spread a little extra kindness today. To read more about this, check out Christina’s post.

Also, if you listen on release day (Wednesday, July 31) it’s Caroline’s birthday! Head over to our IG @agoodideapod to shoot her good wishes for the following year. Here’s hoping that the next year brings new feelings that don’t include the buzzword “haggard.”

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