He could never lead a cult, is what I’m saying.

Do women support women? We dive into this today and find out that we agree and we disagree, and we have fun talking about all of it. We’re also talking about the Oscar’s and how it was a great night for women in entertainment, and touching on a bit of celebrity scandal along the way.

Women support women, and Hannah talked briefly about a friend of hers who will be publishing a book soon. If you’re interested in following along on that journey, head over to IG and follow @westcotthigh for promos and info about this forthcoming book!

Fact check: we make a statement about feminine hygiene products being hard to access in prisons, and Hannah said they aren’t sold in prisons. That’s a really broad statement to make about all private and public prisons and jails, so we’re including a link here to a good article about prisons and feminine hygiene to provide some more facts. But please dig into this yourself as well!

Other fact check: Tristan Thompson was never Khloe’s husband, and we know that. NO idea why we said “husband” and not “boyfriend” at one point in this episode.

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