I Don’t Like the Sparking Joy Thing

We’re talking women’s health today! Do you have high cholesterol? If the answer is “no, I’m not a middle-aged man,” then keep listening. Physicals may be something you haven’t thought of since high school sports eligibility but we’re bringing them up again now as grown-a** adults.

We also thought it would be fun to talk about what little tricks we use to help with focus and productivity. There’s so much out there vying for our attention, and it’s easy to fall into a wormhole of IG posts and Buzzfeed articles, or find ourselves rushing and succumbing to bad moods every morning. But we’ve found a few ways to get our butts in gear every day and stay focused on whatever it is we need to accomplish. We’d love to hear what YOU use to keep chugging along, so weigh in over on IG @agoodideapod!

Hannah has high cholesterol and that seems bananas!! Where can I find more info about heart health? You can check out this article out from the CDC, and we encourage you to go get a physical if you haven’t done that recently. Let’s make our health and well-being a common topic!

What does Caroline make for her kids’ breakfasts again? We talked about this in a former episode, but in case you want the recipe for the waffles Caroline loves, here they are again from Sprouted Kitchen!

What were the apps Hannah was talking about? It’s probably easier to list the apps she WASN’T talking about TBH- Hannah likes her apps! Here’s what she uses for productivity and focus: Things (for to-do’s and project management), Streaks (for setting personal goals), and Be Focused on the computer for the Pomodoro technique of time management and staying focused.

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