Strangers Don’t Talk To Me

It’s almost Christmas, and we’re here to talk about Santa, elf on the shelf, people asking us about our library books, and people refusing to talk to us at all.

Other critical issues:
Why is there no Crazy Rich Asians: India Edition yet Kevin Kwan??
Tinder Founder: we may be mad at you, assuming you are who we think you are. Unless you want to advertise with us.
And the real topic on our minds today: self care. How do you practice this? We scratch the surface in this conversation but we want to hear from you!

Here’s more info if you want to deep dive into anything we talked about today:

Where did you find good info for self-care?
We liked this one from Forbes and this other one with info on good ways to cultivate self-care habits.

Did you guys say Beyonce performed at an Indian pre-wedding party? Yep, sure did.

And what IG account brought this up and discussed appropriation vs. appreciation? That would be one of our faves @tinted.

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