I have fremdschämen about where this is going…

This week we’re diving into famous feuds, Aldi finds (*ahem* we mean what SANTA is finding from Aldi,) a little bit of language-learning, our *interesting* Christmas music and movie choices, how we consume scary movies, and that’s not even what brought us to the table!

What makes you feel the most insecure? We thought we’d put out a nice feel-good episode by putting ourselves and our friends on the spot to find out what is the biggest chink in our armor, and we probably subsequently burned a few bridges along the way.

This was also the episode where we learned a few fun key audio notes, like that it’s detrimental to have the heat blowing on high, and letting your dog nap in the room where you’re recording is a mistake when your dog is a hard-core snorer. Thanks for nothing Ridley. And winter.


What in the world was that German word you were saying and what does it mean?
Fremdschämen means to feel ashamed about something someone else has done; to be embarrassed because someone else has embarrassed her or himself (and doesn’t notice).

What depressing Christmas song was it that Hannah loves?
Auld Lang Syne, Dan Fogelberg.
And the normal, not sad one? That was John Legend’s new album.

What’s the only Christmas album Caroline will ever listen to?
That was the voice of one Amy Grant, and you should head over and type her name into Apple Music, Spotify, or wherever you get your music. She’s got some classics and an amazing voice to match.

What was Jameela Jamil saying?
Check out more on this story here, or simply type her name into google and thank us later. She speaks out about the media’s portrayal of real women and the harmful effects of airbrushing and photoshop. She’s a real one.