I’m Breezy!

Whip out the wine glasses, people, it’s been a day! We’re breaking down the reasons why women can be so freaking tired at the end of the day and why we can feel so unseen as well. Ever sat down and thought “this is the first time I’ve been off my feet in 12 hours!” Cry into your wine and settle in with your fashion sweatshirts as we talk about it together. We see you friend! Weigh in on this episode over on Instagram @agoodideapod and let us know your take.

Want to follow up on some of the things we talked about this week? Check out the links below:

What books were you guys talking about?
Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians but were Afraid to Ask, Anton Treuer
The Underground Railroad, Colson Whitehead

What was that about women and the workforce, post WW2?
American Women and World War II, Khan Academy

Wait, what? Women earn less than men?
The Gender Pay Gap, Economist

And women of color get paid even less??
The Gender Wage Gap: 2017 Earnings by Race and Ethnicity, Institute for Women’s Policy Research

What was that thing about women asking their husbands and partners for help?
Why I’m Done Asking my Husband to Help me Out, Scary Mommy

What comic do you guys keep talking about?
The gender wars of household chores, The Guardian

And how many questions did you say kids ask each day?
Curious Children ask 73 Questions Each Day, Independent

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