You Will Not Earn Me

In Episode 4, we’re diving into the thing we all love to love and love to hate: social media!

We have some pretty different feelings on it. 50% of us decided that we’re done with Facebook (sort of) and 100% of us will never be able to figure out Google +. (In all fairness, we don’t think Google has even figure out Google +.)

And what’s our take on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? This roller coaster is just getting started, so buckle up because when we start talking about sabotaging our children’s future endeavors, you know you’re getting advice from experts.

Here’s more info on what we’re talking about today:
Who’s bringing burgers to a VS fashion show?
Women who tweet keep some of us alive
This situation is inSANE and we can’t imagine what we’d do if we were in her shoes

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