I Think Communes Get a Bad Name

Long-denim skirts, kumbaya, kool-aid, and sharing all our worldly possessions? Sign us up! This week, Caroline lets us in on the one thing we’ve all been dying to know: her top 3 favorite communes. Buckle up everyone.

Also, midterm elections, amiright? The year of the woman is going strong, and we’ll get into some of our hot takes from midterms, as well as what we hope is priority one now that the ladies are in charge.

And if you joined us last week, you know that Caroline was *real* excited about that library pickup service, and you’ve probably been waiting with bated breath to find out how that trip went. Well the wait is over! And what is Hannah’s favorite thing in fashion right now? Hint: it’s exactly as basic as you’re thinking. Actually there are a few pretty basic things going on this week. You’re shocked, we know.

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