Daily Mail: THAT co-host shocks with description of stevia’s SLIPPERY mouthfeel and UNWELCOME mentions of menstrual cups. 

Daily Mail: THAT co-host shocks with description of stevia’s SLIPPERY mouthfeel and UNWELCOME mentions of menstrual cups.

Show notes:

Compliment Caroline’s house (too late, it’s under contract! Papier mache pubs notwithstanding)

Also, we recorded this more than 6 weeks ago. Caroline now lives in another house and unpacked these tracks along with a million boxes. Here we are!

Sparkling Water-Gate

It’s been 84 years… since we stopped cancelling on each other and hit “record”, diving deep (had to) into our complicated thoughts about billionaires visiting the Titanic wreckage.

There’s plenty of room for you on the door to hear us discuss our recent reads, tunes we’re bopping to (new JoBros + Curse Word T. Swift), and Caroline assigns Mallory some cult-y homework.

This episode is brought to you by Nixie sparkling water and Kelly Clarkson’s “Chemistry”.

Hold My Jade Egg

Gwyneth has exited the courtroom, and we’re entering your ears for our semi-regular return.

Recorded 8 days ago, we specialize in the old news you’re tired of, therapy insights, and the general goings on plaguing suburban women across the country.

Or to Your Dog’s CBD Fund

We’re back. Or, we were a week ago, when we recorded. Inside this episode are some reactions to the old-news-now Murdaugh conviction, the to-be-sentenced guesses, which are still old news. Plus Caroline tries to turn Mallory into her therapist again. We hope you listen!

“Emulsify it as best as you can.”

A much-delayed podcast episode derailed by stomach bugs, upset children, and the general mayhem of life as adults. But alas, she’s here! And in this episode we explore “Lornos,” what the worst candy is to put inside a piñata, and why it’s best to just try to emulsify those old emotions.

I Absolutely Coveted Those Chaps

It’s a deep dive episode into “virginal stripper dancing,” as well as the intoxicating allure of filters. And most importantly, where do we draw the line when it comes to beauty choices… especially when they’re influenced by social media.

My One Last Roadkill Story…

Mallory and Caroline really weed through their personal dossier of roadkill stories, which to everyone’s surprise, was quite a few. Then really drill down on the problem with resolutions and the personal mantras they’re focusing on for the year ahead. PLUS join Caroline in wishing the happiest birthday to Mallory.

I Live in Entry Level Fairfield County

Mallory and Caroline are back today with a recap of the perils of socializing, the benefits of two and three dimensional childcare, some final thoughts on the omnipresent Duke and Duchess-of-Nothing-Anymore. Plus, we worship Anne Helen Peterson’s latest work and dive into why homesteading is so polarizing – and meaningful?

“Anything edible nativity just sounds nice” – The podcast is back with Mallory Moyer

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Santa’s sleigh and eight tiny reindeer? No, how about a refreshed pod, and a brand new co-host (but we still give the original a nod). That was a really poetic stretch, but look, this is just for you. And we hope you love this season of It Sounded Like a Good Idea at the Time as much as you used to.

I Guess Also Sweating A lot, with Mallory Moyer

This week, Caroline is joined again by friend of the pod and friend of real life, Mallory Moyer. How does one top an episode with Caro Chambers? Well. We probably don’t. But we try. And Mallory is the best possible option! Caroline and Mallory do their best to refrain from talking about Peloton but do chat plenty about books and shows and dive into how we’re all just sitting ducks waiting to be poached by an MLM.

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